by net
November 3rd, 2011

As someone who grew up in the 90’s, I remember when Napster first became popular. I was in awe of the fact that I had any song I wanted at my fingertips. And better yet, it was free. I loved discovering new music then sharing it with my friends by making mix CDs. From there music streaming started to become popular. Sites like Rhapsody and many other sites charged you money while Pandora placed limitations on song skippage.

But, music is a social thing, right? So naturally, as more people were joining social networks, the next step for music streaming was to go social.

Spotify is an online streaming site that recently launched in the US. They’ve partnered with Facebook to make much easier than burning a mix CD to share music with your friends.

Everything in one location — you can get recommendations from your friends, find new artists and create, collaborate on and share playlists. This is the music enthusiasts’ dream and the musicians are getting some monetary benefit. You can listen to anything from their 15 million songs for as many hours as you want with their free service. They offer premium options without ads for a monthly fee, but their free, basic service is worth signing up for. It eliminates the need to buy or download files, saving you both physical & digital space.

Where iTunes Ping, Google Music and Amazon Music are failing, Spotify is succeeding. Those original services don’t allow you to listen to anything you want, and don’t own, on any computer. They also don’t easily connect to a social network that you already belong to (Facebook integration), which creates a barrier for users.

Spotify went about making online streaming social the right way, while the other guys are catching up. Are you tuned in?


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