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Netplus October 2011 Update

by Netplus
November 7, 2011

We’ve been keeping busy with exciting projects, expanding our talented team and helping our clients prepare for 2012.

New team members

Joe Edelman, Director of Project Management
Netplus welcomes Joe Edelman who brings a wealth of agency experience as our new Director of Project Management. Joe is a graduate of Drexel University with a degree in MIS and offers expertise in both the technical and project management side of agency work large and small for brands like Campbell’s Soup Company, Sharp Electronics, Sotheby’s Real Estate, Nissan Automotive and more. When not working to keep projects running smoothly, Joe finds himself catching a Phillies game or enjoying an attempted round of golf!

Jonathan Stec, Integrated Marketing Manager
“Stec”, as he likes to go by, joins us from TrueAction, an eBay-owned digital marketing agency, driving retail success for clients such as Toys R Us, GNC, Ace Hardware and Hot Topic. Jonathan not only has broad marketing experience but has also worked in the finance industry and launched two ventures on his own. When he’s not kicking off and optimizing display media campaigns for our clients, good luck catching him indoors. He’s likely to be found on a mountain top snowboarding or on his motorcycle or ATV deep in the Pocono woods with his wolfdog.


Jim DelPizzo, Director of Technology
We take a certain pride in developing our own, and Jim is no exception. Having risen through the ranks and demonstrated dedication and passion for our tech work over the course of 4 years, Jim will now head up our Technology Team. We look forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions that meet goals and deliver results for our clients.


Real Time Bidding is the latest evolution in demand side platforms and display media. And as you might expect, Netplus is in the thick of it. Denise Zimmerman, our President and Chief Strategy Officer will be leading a discussion to clarify and demystify the RTB process at the OMMA Display Event on November 7th.


2012 Digital Planning Guide

Robin presents an outline of a 12-step plan to help you understand your current state, define your desired state, and plot your strategy to bridge the gap from one to the other for a successful 2012 in digital marketing.

Using Digital Channels to Listen and Learn

Interactions with digital customers provide a potential gold mine of valuable information and insights. In this article we share several ways to identify and make them actionable.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Social Media Manager

Denise provides a number of considerations to ensure that your Social Media Manager search is informed, productive and contributes value to your business.


Parallax Scrolling for Websites

Remember arcade games from the 80s and 90s? Today, designers are using parallax scrolling in many applications, either through CSS tricks, or by using the popular jQuery plugin Spritely to create website depth and increase interactivity.

Decreased Advertiser Visibility on Google Search…Wait What?!?!

With Google beginning to ask “Why these ads?” and giving consumers more control over the adwords ads they’re shown, we identify several current and future implications.

How to Build Better Emails

Inspired by his trip to “Change the Game”, the WhatCount’s Email Summit in Las Vegas our Director of Technology, Jim kicks off a series of posts on developing better emails.

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